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Shea Conley

Hello and welcome to the online headquarters for the Dear Potato Org. I'm the owner, Shea Conley. Dear Potato started off as a food blog project and then grew into requests to make custom cakes and then leveled up to selling at farmers' markets and popups. Despite the name, my recipes are not all potato based. I just really like potatoes! 


My recipes have zero intention of being healthy and I love experimenting with flavor. I've always said, "if you're going to say that something has a flavor in it, then that flavor better punch me in the freaking face." I've been a vegetarian basically my whole life and learned how to bake at a vegan/gluten-free bakery in Pike's Place Market. I've tried being a vegan way too many times to count but I just can't. Animal welfare is one of the most important things to me so I only use oat milk in my bakes, use pasture raised chicken eggs, and get the most ethical butter I can afford. 

I grew up in Lakewood, CO and then spent my later teen years moving around Arizona. I then moved to Seattle where I dropped out of art college and then just stuck around for 12 years growing as an artist. I now live in Helena, MT with my cute husband, our dog, two cats, and frogs. The business plan is to level up again with a storefront that provides a super unique vibe and delicious vegetarian food.

Thanks for being here and supporting Dear Potato!

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