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Hello humans!


For more than two years, Dear Potato has been slinging disco cookies, cakes, and other vegan and gluten free treats all around Helena. Now, thanks to the support of this community, we’re ready for the next level. 


On Dec. 18th, Dear Potato is opening a brick-and-mortar location on 6th Avenue in downtown Helena. We’ll serve both sweet and savory items: cookies,  piroshki, donuts, cake (of course!) and even some non-baked goods like soups and salads. Almost everything on the menu is vegetarian, and many items will also be vegan and/or gluten free. For the pescatarians out there, we’ll also have smoked salmon and cream cheese! 


Whether kid or adult, you’ll appreciate a space as wacky and maximalist as everything else Dear Potato does. But we also want to provide a place for people to relax. We’ll have TVs, VHS tapes, board games, WiFi and a variety of seating options.


For the first few months, Dear Potato will be open three days a week for breakfast, lunch and an early dinner service. In the spring, we’ll look to hire staff and be open five days a week!


We’re so excited to get started. But we also need your help — a commercial oven doesn’t come cheap. If you can spare some change, we’d super appreciate cash, check or Venmo donations. Links can be found at the bottom of this page. Please view the package deals below to pick which type of Potato Donor you'd like to be. If you donate a sum that's in the middle of these packages, we'll round down to closest package deal. Anything helps and is much appreciated!


Thanks and happy baking!


Shea Conley a.k.a. Dear Potato

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