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I’ve been planning on opening an Etsy shop for over 10 years and today the plan is finally in action! My shop is open and I have 27 items out there, in the big internet world, ready for people to buy. My original plan was to wait to open shop until I had at least 100 items for sale but I’ve decided to open up on this random Tuesday instead because I’m just too excited to wait. Additionally, I want to release my creations to ya’ll in waves because each wave is going to be so different than the last. If I know anything about myself as an artist, it’s that I really struggle to stick to one medium. This first wave of art created by DearPotatoOrg, a.k.a moi, are my Wisdom Trolls.

I have loved trolls my whole life but I found a new appreciation for them a little over a year ago after I purchased a dearly frazzled looking one at my favorite vintage shops before a therapy appointment. I started therapy, and am still in therapy, so I can better manage my depression that had become debilitating around my 30th birthday. Those first few months of sessions were really brutal and while I knew that they were good for me it was terrifying to truthfully talk about the trauma inside of me and the invasive thoughts that came with them. I decided that I needed to start rewarding myself for attending my sessions and that’s when I bought my first troll as an adult. Then my second. A third friend. A little fourth friend. A fifth..a sixth...ect. Soon enough I had a small, colorful, slightly creepy, army of figurines to remind me of the work I had been doing to improve my life. Okay - bear with me while I try to explain the role that trolls have had in helping me manage my “invasive thoughts”. My therapist introduced the “stop sign technique” to me during my first or second session and while it worked initially it became less effective the more I practiced it. The “stop sign technique” is where you visualize a physical traffic STOP sign when you’re experiencing overwhelming thoughts or memories that serve no purpose other than to make you feel like complete garbage. I have no idea how or why I came up with this but I started visualizing my army of trolls when the STOP sign didn’t feel strong enough to actually stop those invasive thoughts. I would picture my trolls saying things to me like, “Hey! Cut that shit out.” and “Come on, Shea. Why are you doing this to yourself?” and “Girl, there are a million good things you should focus on instead.” I’d even picture them having different voices, some real squeaky and some real deep, and they would take turns motivating me to get out the cloud of darkness I was accidentally walking into. This technique that I developed is so ridiculously perfect for me. It somehow makes the invasive thoughts stop, makes me laugh/roll my eyes cause it’s so absurd, and makes me appreciate my creativity.

So, these little Wisdom Trolls are my first wave of art that I want to share with the world. We all have struggles and sometimes you just need something so randomly happy to help you smile when the world feels real dark. I’ve designated each troll a specific thing to help you focus on but ultimately it’s up to you to tell your troll what you need. These trolls are supposed to be so much more than just art for your walls and I hope that those adopting them also see the fun magic that they’re capable of. I’m also more than happy to make custom trolls if you don’t see one that seems to fit as your guide and friend. Please feel free to message me using my submit form on this site, dm me on Instagram, or message me via Etsy. I’d be more than happy to work with you to develop the perfect troll for your life or for someone close to you. Let me introduce you to some of the guides:


Magnus is the first troll that I created and I'll 100% continue to visual Magnus when I need hep enforcing my boundaries. I want Magnus to be adopted though so they can help someone else enforce their boundaries. "Don't underestimate the power of your boundaries! Tell Magnus what your boundaries are & then visualize Magnus when you feel they're being being tested. Boundaries are important & so are you!"


It's hard to figure out the balance of being productive and taking it easy while in the midst of a pandemic. Giselle serves to guide you in that search for balance. "You are a machine, baby! Machines don't quit. Unless you really want to. Let Giselle help you decide."


A term that my therapist and I use regularly is "nature bathing". When you live in a city it's hard to remember how vital nature is to your well-being. City life can be so toxic and nature is so rad. "Let Fern remind you how important it is to nature bath. Unplug and get out however you can."

Dakota, Enya, Lara, Maxwell, Aloona, and Perry Bo

I love all my friends. I swear. BUT there's something special about my friends that don't eat meat. I've been a vegetarian for most of my life and it can honestly be a little lonely so when I find someone that shares the same morals it's seriously magical. "Focus on being friends with other vegetarians! Surround yourself with other kind people that love and respect animals as much as you do. Get on your high horse and ride with others!"

To meet the other trolls available for adoption visit my etsy shop! You can click here or you can click on the icon that is at the bottom of each main page on my website (next to the Depop and Instagram icons). I have no idea what to expect from releasing my weirdly vulnerable art into the world but I’m really happy to share it with all of you that are subscribing to my website. Tonight I will be celebrating with some vegan “cheesy” romanesco and pasta which is so delicious that I will have made it twice in a 5 day period. Don’t worry, I definitely plan on sharing the recipe with ya’ll in the next few days. xoxo

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